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Sustainable Investing :  Sustainable investing risks becoming a victim of its own success Quartz Sustainable investing is booming. The industry has spawned its own lingo—ESG, SASB, SRI, GRI—dedicated to describing this seemingly moral turn ... “Impact investment” funds advertise great returns and social impacts. They aren't delivering. Vox “Impact investing” is built on a simple idea: If you're going to invest your money, you'll want to invest it in companies that are doing work that you ... The One Thing That Might Make Impact Investing Catch On Institutional Investor Institutional investors have long been skeptical that impact funds can deliver the returns they need to meet their investment objectives. But a group of ...  Global Reporting Initiative: Global Reporting Initiative proposes standard for corporate tax practices Accounting Today The Global Reporting Initiative released a draft reporting standard Thursday on taxes and government payments by companies in a