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Federal Climate Plans and Programs

PK has recently tried to get a better understanding of where and how the billions of federal funding dollars for climate actions are to be spent.  Here’s  what we’ve come up with so far:

1. There’s a pretty comprehensive list of Federal stuff put out by the White house:

2. You need to go down a level to get at the dollars; for instance the biggest deal is described in The Inflation Reduction Act Guidebook, which can be found at:

3. And for a good recent independent KISS review of the Biden administration’s plans and status, see the commentary by the World Resource Institute (wri) that we posted on February 19th.  Here’s that link again:,NDC)%20under%20the%20Paris%20Agreement

4. We’ll be looking for more detail in the FY 23 budget and watching for relevant progress, or lack thereof, for FY 24...


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