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PlanetKeep Rationale

There are threats and challenges to a healthy, happy and fulfilling life here on Earth:


1. Polar ice cap melting and sea level rise
2. Extreme weather events - hurricanes/heat waves/droughts/flooding
3. Destruction of marine habitats due to acidification (coral reefs bleaching/destruction of fisheries)
4. Critical agricultural lands destruction and food security
5. CO2e emissions and associated  air pollutants such as ground-level ozone and air toxics
6. Destruction of terrestrial habitats due to loss of food sources, fire, introduced species and other factors..
7. Species and biodiversity loss as habitat is destroyed
8. Global infrastructure destruction (transportation/coastal structures due to inundation)
9. Growing regional shortages of drinkable water

PlanetKeep is a space for solutions, challenges and ideas to safely get discussed without political and partisan rhetoric that leads to delay and gridlock.

PlanetKeep will address a number of these ideas, starting with impact investing in organizations that promote sustainability and live their values.  Other topics and action items will follow in our pursuit of a healthier, safer and happier planet.

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