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Two New Tools For Fighting Climate Change?

PK has recently learned about 2 potentially very important activities, that we probably should have known about quite a while ago, given how important they may be in coming to grips with climate change.

The first is the Drawdown Project, which may be the most important analysis and planning effort ever undertaken so far to save our derrieres from climate change:

We found this website  full of interesting and useful material; the most interesting and valuable stuff is probably the 100 or so solution “baseball cards”:

The good stuff is in the details—you’ve got to scroll and click your way down to “sector summaries” to understand why we use the baseball card analogy.   But there’s more data in each solution “card” then in most published technical papers...

The 2nd hidden (we shouldn’t have missed this for so long, either) treasure is the Climate Fresk.

The Climate Fresk is a French nonprofit organization founded in December 2018 whose aim is to raise public awareness about climate change.

These folks create, support and hold workshops (in 45 languages, they claim) involving local folk, and “in 3 hours, the collaborative Climate Fresk workshop will teach them the fundamental science behind climate change and empower them to take action”.


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