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C oronavirus and Sustainability: Climate and COVID as Crises of Environmental Sustainability State of the Planet Both climate and COVID are cases in which our technology was used without considering its impact. They are different types of problems: one rooted in ... Stay-at-home order changed the way Coloradans work. But is it improving emissions? The Colorado Sun ... has increased with the COVID-19 pandemic. This has pushed sustainability leaders to look at how telecommuting could decrease overall emissions. Schneider Electric Calls for Stronger Collaboration in Industries of the Future Cadillac News The industry-wide call to action urges industrial enterprises to embrace universal automation, sustainable efficiency, and digitalization to boost global ... Sector Based Decarbonization: The new mindset for industrial decarbonization GreenBiz In every sector, it found electrification would result in a savings of energy and carbon. Electrifying US Industry changes in em