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California and Climate Change / July 2021 Status

California is in the front ranks of the climate change battle. Planetkeep took a quick look at some key aspects of the conflict late last month: what’s the big picture, what is the state government doing, and what are the vulnerabilities?

1) Here’s a pretty good KISS summary from the L A Times of where California is in coming to grips with climate change, along with an optimistic view as to how it might serve as a fleet leader for other states and countries in their climate efforts.

2) And the state of California shares and leverages its experiences and policies on climate change, clean energy, and alternative transportation to maximize the benefits of climate action around the globe. A number of state agencies engage in intergovernmental climate cooperation coordinating activities through the Intergovernmental Climate Action Team (ICAT). The bilateral and multiulateral agreements entered into by the State can be found at:

3) So there’s a lot going on in California to deal with climate change. But California is exceptionally vulnerable to climate’s a recent rundown of potential impacts from


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