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Microgrids: Earthquake, Widespread Outages in Puerto Rico Test New Microgrids Environment + Energy Leader Despite the fresh destruction for an island still reeling from Hurricane Maria, solar plus storage microgrids installed at 10 schools continued running. Policy & Regulatory Shifts Opening Door for Agriculture Microgrids, More in California Microgrid Knowledge Agricultural regions don't always have robust electrical infrastructure, fast internet and other key services needed for manufacturers and large ...     California Reservation's Solar Microgrid Provides Power During Utility Shutoffs NPR California's largest electric utility took the unprecedented step of shutting off power to millions of customers beginning last October. The decision was ... Sector Based Decarbonization: A Long-Term Pathway to Decarbonization Requires Carbon Pricing Niskanen Center (press release) (blog) Much of this turnaround can be attributed to the electricity sector, where inexpensive