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Coronavirus and Sustainability: Early sustainability reporting lessons from COVID-19 GreenBiz COVID-19 has shaken all businesses, causing some to delay or scale back their formal sustainability reporting. Companies that recently released a ... Coronavirus: We're in a Real-Time Laboratory of a More Sustainable Urban Future Resilience The coronavirus crisis has offered a new perspective on these problems – and the limits of the way we have run our urban world over the last few ... COVID-19 Could Usher in a New Normal, Sustainability, Social Purpose WWD COVID-19 Could U sher in a New Normal, Sustainability , Social Purpose. Andrea Weiss discusses how to make the retail recovery more sustainable .  Sector Based Decarbonization: Public-Private Collaboration Targets Decarbonization Commercial Property Executive Swett went on to say he hopes that collaboration rates between the private sector and public sector—currently based in conversations about how to ... Marine Sector Turns to