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Sector Based Decarbonization: How To Reach US Net Zero Emissions By 2050: Decarbonizing Industry Forbes Presidential candidates, state governments, and utilities are promoting “net zero” emissions targets to rapidly reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) ... Global Reporting Initiative: KCS releases latest sustainability report Progressive Rail Roading The report follows the Global Reporting Initiative's (GRI) latest standards for disclosing governance, economic, social and environmental topics. Sims Metal Management Releases 2019 Sustainability Report PRNewswire (press release) This report uses the Global Reporting Initiative standards as guidance (GRI-referenced), and covers topics across environmental, social, governance ... ANALYSIS: Will Investors Get the Disclosures They Need in 2020? Bloomberg Law Groups such as the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board and the Global Reporting Initiative are providing disclosure guidance on these issues, ...  Renewable Energy Investments: