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Coronavirus and Sustainability:

Sustaining sustainability: Lessons from the coronavirus pandemic
But what are the deeper lessons from the coronavirus pandemic that will help companies be more sustainable going forward? It is somehow evident to ...

Sustainability: A Lever for Post-Coronavirus Relaunch
Sustainability: A Lever for Post-Coronavirus Relaunch. According to experts, in the post-emergency scenario, fashion and luxury brands will deal with ...

Can the Coronavirus Be a Catalyst for Sustainability? It's Complicated
Yahoo Lifestyle
... there's no doubt that coronavirus will spur dramatic, long-term change across the industry — and the sustainability conversation is front and center

Sector Based Decarbonization:

Minnesota makes dramatic decarbonization progress, new Factsheet reveals
Renewable Energy Magazine (press release)
As the American energy sector continues its transformation to cleaner, ... Major Minnesota-based corporations have increased their efforts to procure ...

How oil and gas companies can decarbonise
Business Chief Canada
How oil and gas companies can decarbonise ... But even if demand recovers to pre Q1 2020 levels, the sector can abate the majority of its ... making significant strides in reliability thanks to area-based maintenance and multiskilling.

Global Reporting Initiative:

ZIM 2019 Sustainability Report
Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide
The report has been prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards. The issues discussed in the report were selected in ...

Nokia publishes People & Planet Report 2019 as it looks to keep people connected through the ...
... and Planet Report 2019 is prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative GRI Standards and is compliant with the UN Global Compact.

BofA global environmental exec: Addressing climate change goes beyond business-as-usual
This is problematic as the GRI is just one standard amid a raft of standards praised for their encouragement of proactive climate action, yet in their ...

Renewable Energy Investments:

Pandemic response could include significant clean energy investment, experts say
S&P Global
While the recent $2.2 trillion stimulus package passed by the U.S. Congress did not include many energy, let alone renewable energy, provisions, ...

Oil Companies Are Collapsing, but Wind and Solar Energy Keep Growing
The New York Times
“As an investor in clean energy, renewable energy, the fundamentals that drove us to invest have not changed,” Mr. Alonso said. Advertisement.

Fund Managers are Optimistic about Renewable Energy Projects after OZ Final Regulations
So You Want To Invest in Renewable Energy? The bottom line for investing in or committing to OZ renewable and clean energy projects is usually a ... 

CDP Sustainability:

From urban farming to green homes: the US cities building in climate resilience
Ethical Corporation Magazine
It's the second year that CDP has scored cities on their performance on climate ... Since its first Sustainable DC plan in 2008, the city has reduced its ...

H&M Group outlines sustainability progress
CDP is a not-for-profit charity that runs the global disclosure system for investors, companies, cities, states and regions to manage their environmental ...
H&M Group releases Sustainability Performance report 2019
H&M Group releases Sustainability Performance report 2019 ... to CDP's prestigious Climate A-list for leading effort against climate change; the group ...

California's Leadership in Climate Change:

Editorial: COVID-19 to climate change, Trump doubles down on crises
The Mercury News
Editorial: COVID-19 to climate change, Trump doubles down on crises ... Californians who care about stemming climate change and looking beyond the ... go car shopping and they can vote for responsible leadership in November.

Coronavirus vs. Governors: Ranking the Best and Worst State Leaders
California's number of Covid-19 confirmed cases and deaths is rising ... reputation by running for president as a visionary leader on climate change.

Leung Receives 2019 Bert Bolin Global Environmental Change Award
She is an influential researcher and an outstanding community leader. She has pioneered modeling of regional and global climate change using innovative approaches to ... —Rong Fu, University of California, Los Angeles ...

Impact Investing:

Impact Investments Rise Amid Covid-19 Pandemic
Through the ImpactAssets DAF, investors donate a minimum of $5,000 in tax deductible funds. That money is in turn invested in impact-oriented funds as ...

The Week in impact investing: Essential
Not the bankers and CEOs, hedge fund managers nor even impact investors. Essential workers are *not* working at home because they are, well, ...

Put CRA revisions on hold, impact investors say
Pensions & Investments
The philanthropic leadership group affiliated with the U.S. Impact Investing Alliance, with a combined $80 billion in assets, said in a comment letter the ...

Energy Storage:

With Coronavirus, Disruptions to US Energy Storage Supply Chain Come HomeMorning Consult
In the early months of the coronavirus outbreak, the energy storage industry saw production delays in China and South Korea, but as manufacturing ...

New York state on course to meet aggressive energy storage goals
Niagara Frontier Publications
A press release read, “Energy storage enhances the efficiency of the electric grid through many different applications such as demand charge ...

California's lucrative energy storage SGIP incentive is new and improved — here's a guide
pv magazine USA
The good analysts at Energy Toolbase have distilled the regulatory product down to its essence — so solar and storage developers can understand ...  

Science Based Carbon Performance Targets:

Smaller scale solutions needed for rapid progress towards emissions targets
Science Daily
Low-carbon technologies that are smaller scale, more affordable, and can be ... In order to meet international climate targets, emissions of greenhouse ... Researchers from the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research at the ...

Specialty Carbon Black Market Evaluation Targets Advancement Anticipated until 2020
Daily Science
Science Market Research ... Specialty Carbon Black Market Evaluation Targets Advancement Anticipated until 2020 ... Silica is one of the key substitutes for specialty carbon black and is acting as a restraint for the industry. ... all the other critical performance requirements for conductive applications.

Climate Change Winners and Losers:

The winners and losers from climate change
Livewire Markets
“Companies that are involved in fossil fuels are trading at lower earnings multiples. The idea that the world needs to change, that certain companies will ...

The coronavirus crisis is a boon for trading apps but a perfect storm for digital lenders. We asked 6 ...
Business Insider UK
As fintechs cope with a tightened funding environment, it's likely the industry will ... behaviors change to adapt to things like social distancing and remote work. ... Winners and losers: Winners in today's environment seem to be the ...

Warming's Mixed Effects on Migratory Animals
The Good Men Project
Beluga whales are responding to climate change in a rapidly warming ... to global warming, the tally of winners and losers becomes harder to predict.


Science In Me
WE PROVIDE INTELLECTUAL, ACCURATE AND MEANINGFUL DATA IN LIGHTNING. The Energy Storage Battery for Microgrids market was valued at ...

Funding Microgrids: CAPEX versus OPEX
Microgrid Knowledge
There are multiple approaches to funding microgrids. Eric Dupont, executive vice president and chief commercial officer at PowerSecure, discusses ...

Energy Storage For Microgrids Market 2020 | Business Outlook, Revenue, Trends And Forecasts ...
Science In Me
Energy Storage For Microgrids Market 2020 | Business Outlook, Revenue, Trends And Forecasts 2025 | ABB, NGK Group, AEG, Imergy, SolarCity, ...

Socially Responsible Investing:

The Coronavirus, Subprime Auto Loans And ESG Investing
For example, what is the true economic value of their investment now? And, for many that have stated goals in socially responsible investing (i.e., SRI ...

PNC Financial Services Group a Top Socially Responsible Dividend Stock With 5.4% Yield (PNC)
In addition, GlaxoSmithKline will invest $250 million in Vir. The equity investment is priced at $37.73 per share, a 10% premium to the closing share price ...

ESG investing: everything you need to know
Socially responsible investing goes one step further, choosing investments based solely on ethical criteria. Unlike ESG, it ignores financial analysis ...

Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage:

Large-Scale Carbon Capture Project Announced for Natural Gas Power Plant
Natural Gas Intelligence
It would be one of the first large-scale carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) projects to be integrated with a natural gas power plant, ...

Explained: Cement vs. concrete — their differences, and opportunities for sustainability
MIT News
Carbon capture, utilization, and storage has significant potential to reduce cement and concrete's environmental impact while creating large market ...

How the chemical industry can meet the climate goals
Science Daily
The Role of Carbon Capture and Utilization, Carbon Capture and Storage, and Biomass to Enable a Net-Zero-CO2 Emissions Chemical Industry.

Sustainability Investing:

Sustainability and resilience in volatile markets
Investors' Corner BNP Paribas
There is an enhanced role for sustainable investing to contribute to this resilience in long-term investments. As regards the responses of governments to ...

Commentary: How China could become a sustainable investing leader
Pensions & Investments
When U.S. investors think about sustainable investing, few consider China as a natural fit. Investors voice concerns about the economy being ...

Meet Investors Halfway With Better ESG Reporting
As sustainability and impact investing become mainstream, companies are facing more pressure from all sides — investors, employees, consumers ...


Governing sun: challenges of geoengineering
Mirage News
Solar geoengineering has emerged as a supplement to CDR as a consequence of concerns that global GHG emissions are still increasing, and may ...

Is Geoengineering the Solution to Climate Change?
The Bull and Bear
As well, effective geoengineering would require a global governance structure that could take decades to create. Because it aims to tackle an issue that ...

Why Do White Men and Scientists Tend to Downplay the Risks of Technology?
Scientific American
Geoengineering to lessen the impacts of climate change is another example. Some concerns about geoengineering—not just among laypeople but ... 

Green Bond Funds:

WEST AFRICA: WAMU releases handbook for green bond issues
Financial market participants of the West African Monetary Union (WAMU) now have a tool at their disposal to issue green bonds. It is an instrument ...

Coronavirus crisis offers green and social bonds chance to prove their worth
Euromoney magazine
Green bond issuance slows in market turmoil, while social bonds offer means to finance Covid-19 responses. Order. AddThis Sharing Buttons.

SBI lists $100 million green bond issue on India INX
Economic Times
The proceeds will be used to fund the non-conventional energy sector. This is the third set of green bonds the government-backed bank offered, ...

Low Carbon Funds:

Sustainable Funds Buoyed in Q1
24/7 Wall St.
Low carbon and fossil-fuel-free sustainable funds. According to Hale, when most investors and advisers think about sustainable investing they likely ...

DfT funds shipping decarbonisation study
Energy Live News - Energy Made Easy
It says this alternative approach could cut costs 'substantially' while accelerating the transition to low carbon shipping. For this study PMW Technology ...

ESG ETFs Appear Unscathed by the Coronavirus Carnage
Yahoo Finance
... predetermined ESG, controversial business involvement and low-carbon screening criteria. The 73-holding fund has an asset base of $71.6 million. 


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