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Coronavirus and Sustainability:

Tired brains, COVID rebound and sustainable foods - Nature
Tired brains, COVID rebound and sustainable foods ... how items compare in terms of both nutrition and sustainability, the researchers say.

How did Covid change sustainability events? | Podcasts | Eco-Business | Asia Pacific
So how are event organisers managing sustainability events differently in the post-Covid era, and what's being done to reduce their environmental ...

For a More Sustainable Workplace, Think Like a Customer-Experience Manager - TIME
As environmental policies become increasingly important to consumers, it's time to start ... Coronavirus Quarantine: A Photographer's Album.

Sector Based Decarbonization:

Updated One Earth Climate Model (OECM): decarbonizing all sectors of the economy to limit ...
One Earth
The task was to “develop science-based sectoral decarbonization pathways and targets, broken down into scopes 1, 2, and 3, for industry sectors ...

Global Smart Ports Market Report 2022: Increasing International Maritime Trade ... - Business Wire
Business Wire
... Growing Decarbonization Driving Sector - ... management that ensures IoT adoption across the maritime industry.

New incentives spur building industry to take concrete steps to decarbonize cement
Decarbonizing processes. Carbon offsets. Meeting net-zero goals is a daunting challenge for corporations. New York-based Carbon … Fervo Energy CEO Tim ...

Global Reporting Initiative:

Next ESG Controversy Has Potential to Redraw Financial Map (1) - Bloomberg Tax
Bloomberg Tax
The Global Reporting Initiative, which works closely with the International Sustainability Standards Board, wants to make sure that companies ...

IWMF Global Health Reporting Initiative: Vaccines and Immunization in Africa ... - Opportunity Desk
Opportunity Desk
Deadline: September 15, 2022 Applications are open for the IWMF Global Health Reporting Initiative: Vaccines..

Why High-Regulatory Risk Will Hit Manufacturers Next (and What to Do About ESG)
Association of Equipment Manufacturers
The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB), and the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) ...

Renewable Energy Investments:

Renewable Energy: Growing Green Energy - Business Facilities
Business Facilities
Across the nation, investments in renewable energy are driving job growth and corporate site selection decisions.

This Renewable Energy Stock Will Power Your Portfolio for Decades | The Motley Fool
The Motley Fool
Decarbonization is an unparalleled commercial opportunity. One estimate pegs the investment required to eliminate global carbon emissions at a ...

A new record for renewables investments - Grist
BloombergNEF also notes that the first half of 2022 set an all-time record for venture capital and private equity investment in renewable energy and ...

CDP Sustainability:

The Blueprint We Already Have for Building a Resilient, Green Economy
The biggest federal climate, clean energy and environmental justice commitment in ... Elizabeth Small is the head of policy for CDP North America, ...

Acer Shares Earthion Sustainability Mission Milestones on Acer Green Day - Yahoo Finance
Yahoo Finance
Acer calls on more partners and suppliers to join its Earthion mission and amplify the positive impacts on the environment. Acer extends CDP ...

California's Leadership in Climate Change:

Energy & Environment — California pushes to stay climate leader | The Hill
The Hill
The state, like much of the Western U.S., has also seen an increasing drought crisis that has moved climate change well beyond the theoretical for ...

California to Ban the Sale of New Gasoline Cars - The New York Times
The New York Times
“Our kids are going to act like it's a rotary phone, or changing the channel ... The new policy in California follows an expansive new climate law ...

California Democrats race to pass Gov. Newsom's Emergency Climate Change package
Visalia Times-Delta
The last-minute push comes after both the governor and legislative leadership recognized that the state had fallen behind on its goals over the last ...

Impact Investing:

The Week in Impact Investing: Risky Business - ImpactAlpha
The Week in Impact Investing: Risky Business ... employee development and stakeholder inclusion in Silicon Valley-style tech startup investing.

Nordea AM: An unprecedented opportunity to make an impact - Money Marketing
Money Marketing
The goal for impact investors must be to make lasting difference by backing companies able to deliver better social and environmental outcomes.

Why J&J Impact Ventures invests in other funds - ImpactAlpha
Thousands of Agents of Impact rely on ImpactAlpha to stay ahead of the curve on impact investing and sustainable finance.

Energy Storage

Big names, small battery systems: US residential energy storage in focus
Energy Storage News
Sunrun-backed Lunar Energy emerges from stealth mode · Baywa r.e. to distribute Duracell brand home battery storage · Panasonic launches all-system ...

Competition for battery cells between EV and energy storage sectors to ease from 2024, CEA says
Energy Storage News
The construction of battery factories catering for stationary energy storage means competition for supply with EV sector will cool off.

Is Green Hydrogen the Future of Energy Storage? -
Green hydrogen carries great potential for energy storage because it can be burned when required without any carbon dioxide emissions or used ...

Science Based Carbon Performance Targets:

Structurally integrated 3D carbon tube grid–based high-performance filter capacitor | Science
A low phase angle at 120 Hz is a vital indicator for practical applications of EDLCs as ac line-filtering capacitors. This angle is lower than −81° ... Among 2022 Fortune China ESG Impact List - Yahoo Finance
Yahoo Finance
JD Logistics is the first company in China's logistics sector to join the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), committing to cut total carbon ...

Bulmers targets 42% reduction in emissions over next year - Breaking News
Breaking News
The company is working with the Science Based Targets initiative ... 42 per cent reduction in direct (Scope 1) carbon emissions at the Bulmers ...

Climate Change Winners and Losers:

Voices: The winners and losers from last night's primaries are especially telling
Yahoo News
Primary night in New York ended in a political earthquake when Democrats won a special election to fill the vacant House seat in the state's 19th ...

Californians Want Water Rights Reform - NRDC
... winners and losers as our water supply shrinks in the face of climate ... “Its species, along with us, will die if we don't change the way we ...

Opinion | Limit the pain for pharmaceutical companies - The Washington Post
The Washington Post
The Congressional Budget Office has estimated that the new climate change and ... the National Institutes of Health choosing winners and losers, ...


With policy changes, community resilience programs could make the most of microgrids
Microgrid Knowledge
The California Energy Commission (CEC) has created a $170 million Community Energy Resilience investment program that will fund microgrids and ...

Grid-forming inverter to stabilize microgrids - pv magazine USA
pv magazine USA
Toshiba has developed a smart synchronous inverter that stabilizes power fluctuations in microgrids. The Japanese company said it has tested the ...

Worldwide Energy Storage Battery for Microgrids Industry to 2028 - by Type, Applications and Region
Dublin, Aug. 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The "Energy Storage Battery for Microgrids Market: Global Industry Analysis, Trends, Market Size, ...

Socially Responsible Investing:

NDVR Introduces New Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) Capabilities For High Net Worth Clients
PR Newswire
NDVR Embeds Environmental and Social Data from Non-Profit As You Sow to Empower Individual Investors to Build Custom Equity Portfolios that ...

What is anti-capitalist investing? Trend has social, environmental and political impact
Modesto Bee
Anti-capitalist investing also has a lot of overlap with socially responsible or “impact” investing, which aims to support projects or companies that ...

Wealth managers falling short in addressing ESG problems
Wealth Professional
Due to this, 32% of investors claim that their wealth manager is not meeting their needs for ESG investment. Retail investors have been underinvesting ...

Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage:

Inflation Reduction Act Provides Boost and Benefits to Carbon Capture Utilization and ... - JD Supra
JD Supra
The newly passed Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 (IRA) is poised to transform the carbon capture utilization and storage (CCUS) industry through ...

Trends in carbon capture, utilization and storage: Wood Mackenzie - GreentechLead
The planned global carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) capacity pipeline has reached 905 million tons per annum (mtpa)

Explainer: How industry is depending on carbon capture technology for climate goals
Captured CO2 usually is permanently stored underground, although carbon capture utilization and storage (CCUS) reuses the CO2.   

Data Driven Decision Making Covid Community Climate Behavior:


Sustainability Investing: 

Should investors expect to earn high returns on sustainable investments? | Blog post | PRI
Investors often cite improved returns as a top motivation for applying ESG criteria, and investment managers often market sustainable investment ...

Frédéric Rochat on sustainable investing - Lombard Odier
Lombard Odier
Sustainable investment has become a key topic for private and institutional investors. However, the acronyms used (ESG, ITR, SFDR, etc.) ...


China Has Started Geoengineering Rain Over Extreme Heat and Drought - Newsweek
The news comes as Cornell scientists say that geoengineering may be necessary to combat the effects of climate change.

China to use geoengineering to combat historic drought | DW News - YouTube
China is suffering a severe water shortage after its hottest and driest summer since the government began recording rainfall 61 years ago.

Dealing with climate change: The psychology of geoengineering | Science - DW
Scientists' attitudes toward geoengineering, or mitigating the effects of climate change with the help of technology, are changing.

Green Bond Funds:

EXCLUSIVE China tightens green bond rules to align them with global norms | Reuters
China has stepped up efforts to develop green finance, seeking to channel low-cost funding into areas including renewable energy and electric vehicles ...

Swiss Chemical Giant Clariant Issues $181 Million Green Bond - InvestingCube
How Clariant intends to use the bond's funds. Clariant says that it will channel the bond proceeds towards funding new investments in “Eligible Assets ...

Beijing tightens green bond rules, requires 100 per cent of proceeds to be invested in ...
South China Morning Post
China has raised the bar for issuances in the world's second-biggest green bond market, taking a major step towards adopting global standards and ...

Low Carbon Funds:

New Law Aims to Boost Low-Carbon Materials in Highways, Reconnect Neighborhoods
Engineering News-Record
... of low-carbon construction materials on federal highway projects. The larger of the two provisions provides $1.89 billion in fiscal 2022 funds ...

DOE Funds Transforming Energy Production, Low Emissions Tech | Rigzone
The U.S. Department of Energy has announced more than $540MM in awards for research into clean energy technologies and low-carbon manufacturing.

Is iShares MSCI ACWI Low Carbon Target ETF (CRBN) a Strong ETF Right Now?
Yahoo Finance
Launched on 12/08/2014, the iShares MSCI ACWI Low Carbon Target ETF (CRBN) is a smart beta exchange traded fund offering broad exposure to the ...


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